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Simply refer your good friends to us and when they take up our offer we will credit you $60 for each one!
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How to invite:

  • Enter name and email address of your friend(s) in the form above. You may enter up to 5 friends at a time and as many times as you like.
  • Click SUBMIT - an invitation letter will immediately be sent to your friends.
  • As soon as your friend(s) opens an account we will:
    1. Add $60 to your account for each of your friends who deposits and plays at least $50
    2. Add an Extra $25 to your friend's account


Call Cards

There are so many people you know and meet everyday BUT whose email address you do not know.

All you have to do is give to them a CALL CARD with your CODE on it and thats it!

Click Here for a DEMO and to print call cards for yourself.

Give to everyone you meet , give to your friends at work, at the supermarket etc.

The CODE will identify you and when they join and play you will receive $60 for for each of your friends who deposits and plays at least $50  Plus we will add an Extra $25 to your friend's account




From the comfort of your home , you can spend as little as 1 hour per day and earn CASH!!

The more time and effort you put in, you will of course earn more.


  1. Click Here for a DEMO direct letter.
  2. Call or write to us at referral@mapau.com for your unique code which we will assign to you.
  3. Insert this code in the letter you just downloaded.
  4. Print how many copies you wish.
  5. Distribute in as many ways as you like. Click here for ways and tips.

As soon as the person(s) who receives the letter opens an account we will:

  • Add $60 to your account for each of the person(s) who makes an approved deposit .
  • Add $25 to the person's account

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